Unique Composite Pipe

Unique Combination of Composites

The Mi Pipe combines the strength of Polymer Concrete with the enhanced corrosion resistance of GRP. The Mi Pipe consists of an internal and an external composite liner of glass reinforced plastic sandwiching a core of Polymer Concrete.
The two liners which act as permanent formwork during casting of the pipe, bond to the polymer concrete to become an integral part of each other. This bond gives a major increase in strength. The ring beam strength of this pipe is over twice that of a plain Polymer Concrete Pipe.
The outside of the pipe has a smooth glossy exterior consisting of a glass reinforced liner. This gives a total external impervious surface to the pipe. The pipe does not absorb water during the drive, and the weight you start with is the weight you finish with. The smooth exterior face also helps reduce friction thus reducing jacking loads.


High Strength Bond

The high strength of the pipe has been proven in testing. The unique bond between both the inner and outer layers of composite and the polymer concrete has increased the strength of the pipe.
In order to break the bond between the two liners and the polymer concrete, the pipe has to be broken. The bond is so great that the composite liner delaminate’s first.
An Mi Pipe does not collapse when broken, unlike other pipes, such as VC and plain Polymer Concrete pipes. The two composite liner’s continue to support it even after the pipe has been crushed.
When designing the Mi Pipe a safety factor of 1.4 is used to cover the possibility of creep in the future.



The unique feature of the internal GRP liner make the Mi Pipe easily adaptable to various applications. By changing the resin used to manufacture this internal liner, the pipe can be used for different applications, like Sewage, Sea Water, Chemical Drainage, Potable Water, etc…

To carry out this change in other Polymer Concrete pipes, the resin used for the entire pipe must be changed, and this will significantly increase the cost of the pipe.

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