About Us

Mi Polymer Concrete Pipes Sdn Bhd – produces a unique, and proven product that incorporates the latest technology. This Composite Polymer Concrete Pipe is not only stronger than anything else available in the market, it is totally non corrosive and easier to install. By using the latest technology the company can produce a superior pipe which can compete in price with the existing conventional RC and VC Pipes.

Mi Polymer Concrete Pipe Sdn. Bhd. was established in 2008 by Mr. Peter J. Boatman to continue the previous research and development in manufacturing Polymer Concrete Pipes which he started in 1993.

In 2017, Starken Group, a subsidiary of CHIN HIN Group Berhad – BURSA MALAYSIA: CHINHIN [5273] – took over Mi Polymer Concrete Pipes Sdn. Bhd.

This has made the company part of a large and strong group specialized in the construction and infrastructure industries providing high quality products and services.

Under the new ownership and management, Mi Polymer Concrete Sdn. Bhd. is committed to take the company to new frontiers by introducing new high quality products and expanding its markets, not only regionally but also globally. 

About Us

The standard range of products include the following:

Microtunneling/Jacking Pipes, Open Cut Pipes, Pipe Fittings, Back-Drops.


CHIN HIN Group Berhad

Chin Hin Group Berhad – BURSA MALAYSIA: CHINHIN [5273] of Companies is an Integrated Builders Conglomerate that provides building material and services to the construction and building industries. 
The group was founded by Datuk Chiau Beng Teik in 1974 as a small building materials trader with limited capital and credentials. Through the hard work and perseverance of Datuk Chiau and also his vision and passion for excellence, Chin Hin Group is now a billion ringgit conglomerate and was listed in Main Market of Bursa Malaysia on the 8th March 2016.
For more information regarding the company please visit Chin Hin Group.


Starken AAC Sdn Bhd

Starken AAC Sdn Bhd is the leading AAC (Autoclaved Aerated Concrete) manufacturer in Malaysia that aims to deliver quality products to its customers. With its commitment to quality products & services, Starken invested in the state-of-the-art machineries and technology supplied by Wehrhahn of Germany.

For more information, visit Starken.