Testing & Quality Control

Quality Control

We take Quality Control very seriously at Mi Polymer Concrete Pipes Sdn. Bhd. Various quality control tests take place from the raw materials, until the finished product. These tests include but are not limited to:

  • Raw Material Testing – to ensure that all received raw materials are within the specifications set by Mi Pipes.
  • In Process Sampling, Monitoring & Testing – to ensure the casted pipes meet all QC requirements.
  • Finished Product Testing – to ensure the finished products meet the strength and joint requirements. 


Pipe Testing

  • pipe-testing-1
  • pipe test
  • joint test

Long Term Test – 10,000 Hours (~14 months)

  • Long term tests have been conducted on our pipes as per international standards.
  • The pipes samples were placed in Solutions with pH1 (Hydrochloric Acid), and pH10 (Sodium Hydroxide) and kept under load for 10,000 hours (~ 14 months).
  • The results were then extrapolated to 50 years, however even after extrapolation to 100 years, the results have shown that our pipes are 1.7 time stronger than that specified and required in DIN 54815