Mi Pipes – Advantages

Long life – 100 years!

  • Long term tests have been conducted on our pipes as per international standards.
  • The pipes samples were placed in Solutions with pH1 (Hydrochloric Acid), and pH10 (Sodium Hydroxide) and kept under load for 10,000 hours (+14 months).
  • The results were then extrapolated to 50 years, however even after extrapolation to 100 years, the results have shown that our pipes are 1.7 time stronger than that specified and required in DIN 54815.

Totally Corrosion Resistant

  • The unique design of Mi Pipes with its internal GRP liner make them totally   corrosion resistant to all chemicals found in water, sewage, and the ground.

Smooth internal & external surface

  • The GRP liner provides a smooth internal surface, with a minimum   Hazen William’s value of 150, and a Manning coefficient of only 0.008.   Thus the amount of sludge which normally accumulates on pipe   surfaces is much   less when compared to other types of pipes.
  • The manning coefficient of VC & RC Pipes is > 0.013

Low Friction Loss

  • The smooth and glossy exterior surface reduces friction and thus   reduces  the   jacking loads. This surface is totally impervious and does   not absorb   moisture.

High Strength

  • Mi Pipes are three times stronger than conventional reinforced   concrete, it   has a compression strength of more than 90N/mm2.

Maintenance Free

  • Being completely non corrosive, there is no maintenance necessary.   With its   smooth shiny interior surface, a simple jetting returns it to its   original   condition.

Fittings & Backdrops

  • A full range of fittings including bends, Tee, WYE,  and backdrops can be   provided.